WELCOME to PATAGONIA.. the wilderness beyond

This TRIP was designed by us (local Trip Leaders) & OAT Regional Office in Argentina & Chile for you to have the most intense & unique TRAVEL EXPERIENCE!

I was one of the starters in 2007 and this is my very favorite trip in the world!!!
We will travel from my beloved & crazy Buenos Aires to the most remote and untouched parts of the globe only ruled by WIND & ICE.

PATAGONIA for me means MAGIC, FREEDOM & BEAUTY! so I invite you to open your senses to experience the my glaciers, the vastness of the steppe, the curious guanacos, the majectic condors, the unchartered fjords and the legendary winds at Cape Horn!

JOIN ME in this fascinating journey to the End of the World!!!

  • we start in BUENOS AIRES by the frenetic rythm of tango! we discuss a lot about our controversial icons such as Evita & our brand new default!!!  I keep no opinions for myself! you will also have the chance of interacting with local portenios at your HOME HOSTED DINNER (DAY 3)

  • then we fly south to the town of EL CALAFATE, gateway to mighty PERITO MORENO GLACIER

  • we keep pushing south across the vastness of the patagonian steppe towards our hiking destination in TORRES del PAINE NATIONAL PARK

  • we board CRUCEROS AUSTRALIS in Punta Arenas for exploring the Fuegian Fjords for 4days hoping to land at the INFAMOUS CAPE HORN


  • we discover the city of USHUAIA at the End of the World before flying back to Buenos Aires


"There's no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing"

We know packing for this trip is challenging, since we go from Buenos Aires, that can be 80 to 100F, to South Patagonia, where temperatures drop from 60 to 40F, and winds can easily speed up to 60miles per hour. 

We are going on a real expedition so casual, comfortable, functional clothing is key. However, if you wish to bring a slightly dressier outfit for city evenings or dinners.

Sunblock over SPF 45, sunblock Lipstick and sunglasses are a MUST throughout your trip.

Hiking poles are very useful.

Buenos Aires LATITUD 34 S

Light t-shirts or shirts, light shorts, hat, light walking shoes.

South Patagonia  LATITUD 51-56 S

The weather is really UNPREDICTABLE, so expect horizontal rain, even snowfall and furious winds over 60mph! The key here is dress in LAYERS & GORETEX.

Insulated underwear, cotton t-shirt or shirt, sweater or fleece (Polartec) and finally the most important layer is the WATERPROOF (Goretex or other) one: waterproof pants, waterproof parka. Scarf, warm hat and gloves are also advisable. We will hike across natural uneven terrain that can be muddy, snowy and wet so boot-like waterproof trekking shoes are ideal, so that you can enjoy.......



 VIDEO of my wife & girls playing with a mild gust!

Easter Island PRE extension  LATITUD 27 S

Be prepared for subtropical weather with temperatures to range from70 to 90F, humidity over 70% and no variation between day & night. Terrain is uneven VOLCANIC ROCK so hiking poles & hiking boots are highly recommended.

Expect occational showers & heavy rain as well as moments of strong sun. 

Hat, fast-dry long sleeve t-shirt and pants, teva like sandals are ok (but NO flip flops since terrain is volcanic), bathing suit.

Iguaz├║ Falls POST extension LATITUD 25 S


This a torrid subtropical jungle region: 80 to 110F and extremely humid, plus tropical showers at any time.

Hat, long sleeve t-shirt and pants to be protected from the sun, teva like sandals (but NO flip flops), bathing suit a must. Mosquito repellent is a must!


We have storage room in Buenos Aires hotel. So, when going to Patagonia you can leave behind your warm-weather clothes. And when going to Iguaz├║ Extension you can leave behind your cold-weather clothes. The same stands for Santiago hotel and Easter Island Extension. You can easily tackle this with a duffle bag.


We only have 2 airlines and both are excellent but they have 2 different weight allowances. We choose the flights in order to maximize excellence in PACING! Please check your flight information before packing.

LAN Airlines                           

Checked baggage: 50 lb. Carry on: 17 lb + a personal item.


 Checked baggage: 33 lb. Carry on: 11 lb.


This is an active and challenging trip, and requires a greater level of fitness than most OAT adventures. There is a wide range of outdoors activities and the pacing is strenuous. We will cover a lot of territory! Be ready for harsh and changeable weather conditions, rugged and unpaved roads, long bus rides, and remote locations without immediate access to medical care. You must be able to walk 3 miles unassisted over the course of the day across natural, rugged, unpaved uneven terrain and you must also be able to stand for half an hour at a time. Good balance and agility are required specially for climbing in and out of the small boats during the shore excursions. You must also be comfortable participating in 6-8 hours of daily physical activity.

Visit your doctor - make sure you have prescription medication for the whole trip. Besides, make sure you bring the generic name of that medication. Do a dental check-up before the trip. Hiking poles are recommended. Hand sanitizer is highly recommended too. If you are sensitive to gastrointestinal viruses, make sure you have your own medication. Bring a Flashlight.